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Leadership Academy - Cohort 7

Mary Kay Delvo |  Lisa Anderson
March 2, 2022 - March 2, 2023
Original Program Date:
Mar 02, 2022
Never expires.


The MASBO Leadership Academy links skill-development, problem-solving and practice opportunities with real-time challenges and current scenarios faced by participants in their actual work environments.  The result is a comprehensive program that is highly relevant, interactive, and intentional to meet the needs of school business professionals as they grow as leaders.  

Built around a coaching approach, the Leadership Academy will offer the space and reflection time necessary for developing one’s ability to think in more complex, systemic, strategic, and interdependent ways. Effective leaders understand that to better manage their interactions with others, they must first understand how their motivations, thoughts and experiences impact results.  Our highly skilled program facilitators have an extensive background in school business and administration, and create a safe, stimulating environment that allows participants the space to learn, reflect, connect and grow as individuals and leaders. 

The Leadership Academy is designed to develop the following competencies through a combination of academy sessions, practical application, and coaching groups: 

  1. Self-Awareness 

  1. Ethical Awareness 

  1. Strategic Mindset 

  1. Equity Lens Mindset 

  1. Conflict Management 

  1. Trust Building & Relationship Management 

  1. Communicating Your Message 


Who should attend? 

The MASBO Leadership Academy is an effective, focused program developed specifically for those working in school business, finance, human resources and operations.  There are many kinds of leaders in an organization—those that directly supervise staff, those that manage teams and those that or those that oversee specific projects.  All of these leaders will benefit from the experiences, learning and skill development this program offers.   

In order to achieve the most value from this program, participants are expected to: 

  • Actively participate in every session and coaching group 

  • Commit to program engagement, risk-raking and personal growth 

  • Participate in continued growth conversations with their district supervisor to discuss progress and learning so it best benefits both the participant and the district.   

To make this program accessible and affordable to as many members as possible, the fee to attend the Leadership Academy is far below the actual cost.  Together with Marsh & McLennan, our Strategic Partner for Leadership Academy, MASBO covers a substantial portion of fees, to support our members and contribute to the future of Minnesota schools.  In return, program participants are asked to continue their leadership journey within MASBO, by participating in our programs and exploring future service opportunities to the organization.   


By the end of the program participants will be able to: 

  • Better understand themselves so they can leverage strengths, build awareness of limitations & actively engage in continuous improvement 

  • Connect with their purpose and advocate for what is in the best interest of their organization 

  • Lead others by cultivating trusting relationships that result in greater influence and more effective outcomes 

  • Engage in a network of trusted colleagues in which to collaborate, solve problems and share best practices  


The benefits for your district include:  

  • Increased motivation and commitment from participants to the district 

  • Ability to think more strategically and develop solutions that will benefit the district  

  • Identify and implement a project that will directly benefit the district 


Sessions are scheduled in two-day increments to reduce travel time for outstate attendees and allow for optional evening connecting time for attendees.  In addition, small coaching groups will meet virtually five times during the program.  Coaching group dates are scheduled around availability of participants.  


March 2 (10-5, plus evening group connecting event) and March 3 (8-4) 

July 20 (10-5) and July 21 (8-4) 

November 16 (10-5) and November 17 (8-4) 


January 11 – Virtual (8-noon) 

March 1 (noon-5) and March 2 (8-4) 

Please note that at this time, all group sessions all planned to be presented in-person, except for the January 11, 2023 virtual session.  Locations will be held in the Twin Cities area but will be announced officially at a later date. MASBO recognizes the importance of meeting in-person, but reserves the right to make changes to the schedule as needed. 


Credit Information MASBO will apply for Continuing Educations credits from the Minnesota Board of School Administrators for each program; the number of credits will be dependent on the hours of the program. Those hours will be awarded after each session. This session also qualifies for MASBO credit.



Mary Kay Delvo's Profile

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As the owner of INspiring SIGHT, Mary Kay is an organizational coach and consultant who develops nonprofits, associations, public entities and boards. She brings 25 years’ experience in strategic planning, leading complex systems, program development, leader and team development, coaching, and operations.  Her experiences as an employee drive her passion for creating healthy workplace cultures where organizations can prosper, and employees can live their best lives. Mary Kay uses humor, vulnerability and a little dose of reality to help others see things through a new lens.

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As the owner of Clarity Leadership, Lisa brings over 25 years’ experience leading the design and development of talent enhancement programs. Her experiences in large corporations and in designing leadership development programs drive her passion for helping leaders create clarity so they can lead themselves and their organizations in the most meaningful and productive way. Lisa implements practical solutions that mirror real life and incorporates relevant content in an interactive manner.

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