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New Member Circle 2023

Original Program Date:
Jan 19, 2023
Never expires.

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The New Member Circle is geared for active members with less than two years in the profession. It is open to active members in any job function, although it may apply more to those in the business manager role, as there will be a wide range of topics covered. Meetings will be facilitated by experienced MASBO members, and while there will always be an informational component, the primary purpose is to facilitate networking and provide new members with a way to discuss their questions, solutions and challenges in their roles.

This program includes virtual sessions and two in-person gatherings. In addition, a New Member Circle list serve will be utilized throughout the year for questions, answers and connections.

Registration Information
The New Member Circle is available at no charge for MASBO Active members. There is a one-time registration required which covers all virtual sessions during the year. Members may participate in two consecutive years of the New Member Circle.

Upcoming Sessions
Virtual Meetings

  • January 19 - Budgeting
  • April 20 - MDE Website
  • June 15 - Audit
  • August 17 - HR topics
  • September 21 - Levy
  • October 12 - Grab Bag CANCELLED

In Person Meetings

  • Annual Conference
  • Fall Conference

The purpose of the New Member Circle is:

  1. To provide a way to connect new members with each other on a regular basis
  2. To assist networking by providing a way for new members to connect with other experienced active, associate and affiliate members
  3. To provide information pertinent to newer members
  4. To provide an accessible forum for newer members to get answers to questions

This session will NOT be recorded.
Credits: Credits are not offered for this session.

Please note: By registering for this series, you are registering for all virtual sessions of the event, not one individual session.