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On Demand

2023 Tax Levy Workshop (OnDemand)

Total Credits: 3.0 including 3 MASBO Credit(s), 3 Non-MASBO

Cathy Erickson |  Daley Lehmann |  Jason Reil
3 Hours 03 Minutes
Audio and Video
Original Program Date:
Sep 11, 2023
Access till 12/11/2023 after purchase.


The 2023 Tax Levy Workshop was held as a live webinar on 9/11. This is a recording of that session.

Remember to have your 2023 Payable 2024 Levy Limitation and Certification available for the workshop


Welcome & Introductions

General Information

  • School Finance Contacts and Levy Certification Calendar
  • Referendum Calendar
  • Statewide Tax Base & Levy Trends
  • Truth in Taxation

MDE Website Review

 Levy Certification Data Collection & Submission Portals

  • Summer Levy System Review
  • ADM WE
  • Health & Safety Reporting System

Levy Certification Walk Through 

  •   Property Valuation & Pupil Data
  •   Initial Computations by Fund
  •   Adjustments by Fund
  •   Other Adjustments: Abatement, Offset, Taconite
  •   Levy & Aid Summary
  •   Total Limitation Summary & Limitation Components

Final Thoughts & Questions

Completion Criteria

To complete this workshop and receive the 3 MASBO and BOSA credits, you must view the full session, and complete the session evaluation offered after the sessions are complete. You must attend no less than 90% of a session to be marked complete. 



Cathy Erickson Related Seminars and Products

Director of School Finance

Minnesota Department of Education

Daley Lehmann Related Seminars and Products

Assistant Director - School Finance

Minnesota Department of Education

Jason Reil Related Seminars and Products

Levy Coordinator

Minnesota Department of Education

Jason has worked at MDE for the past three years as the levy coordinator.  Prior to that, he spent 20 years in the U.S. Air Force.  With the last seven year of his career, identifying the required manning in each career field to aid in developing the Air Force's and Department of Defense's annual budgets.