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Certification: Cash Management and Investing

Total Credits: 3 including 3 Board of School Administrators Credit(s), 3 MASBO Credit(s)

Danny Nelson Jr. |  Stacy Childers
2 Hours 16 Minutes
Audio and Video
Original Program Date:
May 08, 2024
Never expires.


The Minnesota Association of School Business Officials has established a voluntary certification program for all MASBO members and nonmembers. The courses are designed to train current and prospective school business officials, offers practical information to assist members in excelling in their profession. Although this course is part of the certification program, it is open to all members.

This session will discuss in detail the different kinds of investments available to school districts, along with liquidity, investment policy and Minnesota legal requirements. Cash flow management strategies will also be reviewed, including short term borrowing and arbitrage.



Danny Nelson Jr.'s Profile

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MSDLAF+/PFM Asset Management LLC

Danny Nelson is a Director at PFM Asset Management where he manages relationships for municipal governments in Minnesota. He provides investment advisory services, develops investment policies, helps with cash flow analyses, and monitors guidelines/strategy implementation. Danny provides public entities with training, technical, and analytical support with respect to clients’ investments.

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Senior Managing Consultant

PFM Asset Management LLC