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Live Breakout: Cleaning & Disinfecting Facilities — Lessons from COVID-19

Business Manager |  Facilities
Amy Satterfield
57 Minutes
Audio and Video
Original Program Date:
May 14, 2020
Never expires.


With a focus on managing a respiratory outbreak pandemic, facility managers are navigating new waters in managing the risk of infection spread. Many buildings are vacant or with minimal staff, but many are housing the childcare service for frontline workers as well as food services. Choosing a proper sanitizing method for your facility is essential. It is important to review and consider the best cleaning and disinfecting program for your building occupants and staff safety. This presentation will review the current virus facts, how studies are showing it can impact your facility, sanitizing success and examples of what is not working from testing data. 


Amy Satterfield's Profile

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Director of Business Development

IEA, Inc.

Amy Satterfield is the Director of Business Development and a Sr. Project Manager with IEA, Inc. She has 25 years of experience providing environmental, health and safety services to property management, government, educational, commercial, industrial and healthcare clients. IEA and Amy’s involvement with the facility programs as well as involvement with legislative development provides a well-rounded view of the challenges and needs.