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Essentials Monthly Briefing: Cash Management

Finance |  Business Manager
Carole Loehr |  Danny Nelson
56 Minutes
Audio and Video
Original Program Date:
Mar 10, 2020
Never expires.

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This session provides the process and benefits of creating and maintaining a Cashflow Spreadsheet. A Sample Cashflow Spreadsheet is provided for you to get started and from the Sample Cashflow Spreadsheet you will be able to create a Spreadsheet specific to your school district’s cash flow needs.



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Senior Managing Consultant

MSDLAF+/PFM Asset Management LLC

Carole Loehr joined PFM in February 2004 when PFM acquired the asset management business of Ambac Securities, previously Cadre Securities. She specializes in advising school districts and counties in Minnesota, and serves as the senior marketing representative for two PFM-managed local government investment pools (LGIPs) in Minnesota. In her role, Carole pairs clients’ cash management and other investment needs with PFM’s suite of services, including LGIPs, ?xed-rate investments, bond proceeds investments, and separate account management. Prior to joining PFM, Carole was the supervisor of accounting at the St. Cloud Area School District for thirteen years and a shared accountant with Central Minnesota Education Research and Development Council (ESV Region III) for six years. Her experience includes financial accounting, reporting, budgeting, cash flow forecasting, investing and working closely with local school districts.

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Senior Managing Consultant

MSDLAF+/PFM Asset Management LLC

Danny Nelson is a Director at PFM Asset Management LLC who manages relationships for public agencies in Minnesota. In helping clients with their investment needs, his current responsibilities include: cashflow modeling; developing investment policies; evaluating performance; providing economic summaries and research; monitoring guidelines; and portfolio strategy implementation.

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