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Essentials Monthly Briefing: One Fish, Two Fish.... How Many Students Do We Have in Our Schools?

Business Manager |  Finance
Cindy Lee Olson
41 Minutes
Audio and Video
Original Program Date:
Feb 11, 2020
Never expires.

Tag: Essentials


Projecting your Average Daily Membership (ADM) is a critical piece in estimating General Education revenue. While there is no way to predict exactly how many students you will have each year, there are some tools that can help you determine if your numbers are "reasonable". This session provides a brief description of the types of pupil units and where they are used. We review tools that look at historical Adjusted ADM and estimate future year Adjusted ADM. This can be used for budgeting General Education revenue in a future year. We also look at fall enrollment and estimate end of year Adjusted ADM to assist with budget revisions.



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