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Essentials Monthly Briefing: MSBA Potpourri: What's Going On?

Total Credits: 1 MASBO Credit(s)

Tiffany Gustin
53 Minutes
Audio and Video
Original Program Date:
Oct 11, 2022
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Tags: Essentials


In the October Essentials, Tiffany Gustin will present some frequently asked questions, hot topics, and updates from MSBA. From Tiffany: Why call it MSBA Potpourri? Merriam-Webster defines potpourri as “a miscellaneous collection.” When I looked up synonyms, I found the following words: assortment, hodgepodge, mixed bag, smorgasbord, and variety. Another definition was “a mixture of dried petals and spices…to perfume clothing or a room.” That makes sense to me since some of what our members are dealing with today just plain stinks!



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Associate of Management and Insurance Trust Services

MN School Boards Association

Tiffany Gustin serves as the Associate Director of Management and Insurance Trust Services for the MN School Boards Association. Before joining MSBA, she spent 10 years as a school business official. She loves campfires and spending time with her family, mostly the dogs.