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Essentials Monthly Briefing: Tools for Funding Capital Projects

Finance |  Business Manager |  Facilities
Jodie M Zesbaugh
50 Minutes
Audio and Video
Original Program Date:
Jan 14, 2020
Never expires.

Tags: Essentials


School districts have several options or tools that can be used to finance capital projects. Some are well known (e.g., voter-approved bond issues), while others are more obscure (e.g., capital project levies). This session provides information related to the financing tools available to districts, including an explanation of the types of projects that can be financed, process for accessing the financing, advantages, and disadvantages.


Jodie M Zesbaugh's Profile

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Financial Advisor

Ehlers & Associates, Inc.

Jodie is a Senior Municipal Advisor who joined Ehlers’ Education Finance Team in 2009. She previously served 15 years as the Director of Financial Operations for the South Washington County School District. Her first-hand knowledge of district financial operations gives her unique insight into referendum planning, tax impacts and debt issuance for education projects.